The Revolutionary HEART

Rebel to Revolutionary is a blog about transforming a rebel heart to a revolutionary heart. The difference between the two is simple:


Rebel - Fights against something

Revolutionary – Fights for something

For a long time, I fought against the way things were instead of fighting for the person God created me to be, the people I love and the daily pursuit of my passions and my joy. I’m still in process from transforming my rebel heart to a revolutionary one, and that's okay. We are all a work in progress. 


These three principles have emerged as the most helpful in guiding me through this process, one day a time. 

Never Surrender

... Except Sometimes

& Always to God

This part of the process is about: Integrity


Never surrender, who you are, what you stand for or your calling.


We should never surrender the pursuit of our passion, values and continuing to grow into the people we desire to be. 

This part of the process is about: Love


Sometimes, surrender your assumptions, biases and expectations. 


We practice this kind of surrender most often in relationships with people we love. 

This part of the process is about: 



Surrender your will, your life, your desires and your heart to God… and watch him make beautiful things out of the dust.


We practice this kind of surrender in our daily lives, in our relationship with God and surrendering to the reality that we are imperfect people in an imperfect world.