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Just Dance

James and I love going to weddings. Mostly, and most importantly, because we love showing up for the people we love in our lives. But also… because we love to dance.

Like… we really, really love to dance.

There’s something about dancing that brings the best out of both of us. We can both be such over thinkers sometimes. When we dance, we seem to be set free. We do not claim to be the best dancers. We are the dorky kind that make up routines on the spot based on the song lyrics. It’s a thing.

All of that to say that dancing with James is one of my very favorite things. While we’ve been working from home these days living our best #socialdistancing lives, a strange phenomenon has emerged. In the absence of social opportunities and movement outside of the house, James and I have started having spontaneous dance parties inside the house. Sometimes one of us starts it, sometimes the dance party just happens while making dinner or getting ready for the day. In the middle of working on Friday, James put on my favorite Jonas Brothers song: “What’s a Man Gotta Do?” It should be “What’s a Girl Gotta Do?!” when he’s making those moves! It’s brought us a lot of joy in these times. When we are dancing, it is so easy to forget everything. To just look at the light in his eyes and be my silliest self. With the whole world being put on “pause” due to Covid-19, it’s interrupted our normal habits and flow of life. That interruption can be incredibly disorienting, but it can also invite us into building new habits and rhythms.

Since we’ve been under quarantine, I’ve learned how much I love daily walks with James, popcorn before bed and that we don’t just have to reserve our dance moves for weddings. There’s something that is incredibly unique about this time. We have the opportunity to see it as an invitation into something new or as the end of the world as we know it (at least that’s what I feel like the news says is our only option). James and I still have our dark days when we yearn for life to get back to normal. My heart aches over all the pain and uncertainty in the world right now. There have been days when I’ve given into that and the swirl of news online. And then, there are days that in the midst of all the uncertainty, in the midst of waiting, we try something new. And, we have a dance party.

(If you need a jumpstart for your own home dance party, we've created a Spotify playlist with some of our favorite tunes.)


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